Welcome to my Home Page !

Kurt's Maze

This web site is constructed like a maze.
You always have to go to the left or to the right.

If you're lucky, you'll soon find a map !           Try to visit all 64 pages !
There is also an exit   :-)


See a picture
I took
of a comet
See a drawing
I've made


Afraid to enter the maze ?
here is a...

shortcut to my SF books



1999-06-23 : first version on-line
1999-06-29 : corrected the HTML-code so that also Netscape users can navigate...
1999-07-14 : stable version
1999-11-29 : second edition (whatever that means)
2000-03-16 : added home page GIF, few changes
2000-04-28 : few changes, first upload from internet access at home
2000-08-08 : new upload, changed the maze layout
2000-08-15 : added astrophoto thumbnails
2000-08-26 : added the real map of the maze
2000-08-27 : different backgrounds possible per page
2002-01-26 : last update
2022-01-16 : restored on neocities


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  last update: 2002-01-26